FAS Tech

A Different Approach.

FAS Tech AB is a Swedish company that was founded in 2008. The company's head office is located in Nykvarn, west of Södertälje. At the head office there are departments for sales, product design and service for the Swedish market. Our production takes place in China, specifically in Shenzhen. Both hardware development and software development are carried out there, and we have a total of 18 employees in China. The advantage of having our own production is that we can offer fast delivery times. In addition to the head office, we also have sales offices in Spain and China.

Product Overview

Panel PC

Since 2008, we have manufactured Panel PCs and Box PCs for various industries such as building automation, food production, transport, industry, production and agriculture and more. During this time we have accumulated a significant amount of experience and knowledge. Today, we are proud to offer the market's most affordable industrial Panel PC, which is reflected in our choice of high-quality materials and components. In addition, we always include a 5-year warranty.

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GPU Server

MGP-800 is an embedded GPU computing platform composed of a fanless PC and a GPU expansion box. It features flexible expansion and supports two full-height full-length GPU cards. It adopts Intel W480E chipset, and supports 10/11th-generation Xeon Core processors. It supports expansion to multiple IO ports by means of high- speed connectors, and users can self-define the ports (for example, optional expansion to multiple POE network ports) to meet different application needs. It is mainly used in machine vision, deep learning, AI artificial intelligence and edge computing, vehicle-road coordination, assisted driving and other application fields.

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Box PC

Box PCs are computer systems adapted for industrial applications. Different types of chassis, I/O and operating systems are available. Also customized systems in different designs depending on requirements.

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Monitors for all types of Industrial use. All our Panel PC models are also available as a Monitor option. IP rating either on the front or completely IP65 all around, Resistive alt Capacitive touchscreen, we have most of it. If you think something is missing or you have questions about other monitors/display solutions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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An embedded computer board, or built-in computer main board, is a compact and specialized computer platform designed to be integrated into various electronic devices and systems. These boards are intended to act as the brains of a variety of embedded applications, from industrial automation and medical equipment to vehicle control systems and IoT devices. They usually offer reliable and energy efficient performance and often have customizable I/O ports and support for specific tasks. Embedded computer cards are a key component in embedded technology and enable intelligent control and processing of data in a variety of contexts.

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The Communication product category on fasystem.se offers a diverse range of solutions designed to facilitate effective communication within various contexts. From advanced intercom systems to wireless communication devices, this category encompasses tools tailored to enhance communication efficiency in professional settings, industrial environments, and beyond. Whether it's ensuring seamless coordination among team members or enabling clear communication across distances, the products in this category are engineered to meet the demands of modern communication challenges.

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The Industries product category on fasystem.se features specialized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various sectors. From robust industrial equipment to innovative technology solutions, this category offers a comprehensive range of products designed to optimize processes, enhance productivity, and ensure safety across different industries. Whether it's equipment for manufacturing, logistics, construction, or healthcare, the products in this category are engineered to deliver reliable performance and support the specific requirements of each industry.

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The Applications product category on fasystem.se showcases a versatile array of solutions crafted to address a multitude of practical needs across diverse contexts. From cutting-edge software applications to tailored hardware solutions, this category offers products designed to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and empower users with innovative tools. Whether it's applications for data analysis, project management, or specialized tasks in fields like healthcare or education, the products in this category are curated to meet the demands of various applications, providing users with reliable, user-friendly solutions to accomplish their goals effectively.

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