Wireless IOT System

Products Overview

Holykell’s Wireless IoT System offers seamless connectivity and comprehensive monitoring capabilities for a variety of applications. With state-of-the-art wireless technology, our system allows for real-time data acquisition and analysis, enabling users to remotely monitor and manage critical processes with ease. Whether it’s environmental monitoring, asset tracking, or smart agriculture, Holykell’s Wireless IoT System provides reliable performance and flexibility to meet diverse needs. Experience the future of connectivity and control with Holykell’s innovative solution.

Display Instrument

H5100 Digital Display

Digital display instrument with single-loop adopts LED dual-screen display, and can output pressure, liquid level, temperature or flow rate and other data at the same time with pressure or liquid level sensor.

H8100 Multifunction Data

HOLYKELL's "paperless" data logger is developed based on RJ45, printer or USB interface. It can not only provide on-site measurement data, but also recall historical data. Support standard voltage, current, resistance temperature measurement or millivolt signal output.


H2601 Wireless Pressure

Wireless pressure sensor is a kind of intelligent wireless communication instrument with low power consumption and high explosion-proof property. Based on the mature HOLYKELL iot cloud platform and various mobile terminal wireless transmission modes, it provides the best solution for remote monitoring of water pressure and oil pressure.

H2602 Wireless Temperature

Wireless temperature sensors are designed for temperature monitoring. Based on the "integrated" design and HOLYKELL's iot cloud platform, it can effectively monitor the temperature in different temperature environments such as barns, laboratories and pharmaceutical warehouses.

H2603 Wireless Water

Wireless water level sensor is an IoT sensor with high sealing and IP68 waterproof grade. Based on the design of anti-blocking pressure orifice, it is mainly used for remote monitoring of liquid level data of sewage water, industrial water tank and fire water tank.

H3 Intelligent Wireless

This digital recorder can receive signals of current, voltage and resistances, and realize display, recording, over-limit monitoring, report generation, data communication, signal transmission and flow accumulation of temperature, humidity, pressure, liquid level, flow and others. And it can also provide data communication with a PLC.

HK 302 HK308

HK302 and HK308 are Remote Terminal Units(RTUs) primarily designed and optimized for data acquisition from the process and transmission to the remote control center and receipt of command from remote control center and transfer to process.

HK301 Data Transfer

HK301 is a Data Transfer Unit(DTU), a wireless terminal device specially used to convert serial port data into IP data or convert IP data into serial port data for transmission through a wireless communication network.

Serial Server H305

H305V is a device that converts RS485 serial port to network port. It is used to realize the two-way data pass-through from serial port to Ethernet port. The data transmission can be that in the local area network or transmitted to the cloud server of the Internet of Things. This is a convenient way to access the network, which has a wide range of applications.

W608 Acquisition Module

This acquisition module uses a 24-bit high-precision AD sampling chip. Differential isolation technology makes sampling more stable and accurate. The channel type supports arbitrary switching of thermal resistance signal, thermocouple signal, current signal and voltage signal. The number of channels can be freely combined.