Engineering Tool LASAL

Products Overview

With the Engineering Platform LASAL, you are provided with an integrated and user-friendly tool set for all phases of machine design: project development, control programming (CLASS) visualization (SCREEN and web-based with LASAL VISUDesigner), motion control (MOTION), Safety (SAFETY), simulation, initial start-up, service, diagnostics and remote maintenance (SERVICE) of the machine and system in the field.

Engineering Tool LASAL


From the most simple machine to complex control tasks – with the project development software LASAL CLASS, an efficient solution is available for your automation jobs.     Object-oriented programming and design in compliance with 61131-3 Graphic representation ensures a clear overview Modular and reusable: reduce Engineering times and costs Predefined software components Graphical Hardware Editor: place hardware as mounted in the control cabinet

LASAL Libraries Configuring

Quickly and comfortably to application software: The extensive LASAL libraries support numerous ready-to-use, tested software components. With predefined standard templates, topic-based packages and many function-specific Add-Ons, you can use basic, as well as special functions in your machine or system software with just a few clicks. Development is thereby significantly reduced. You can concentrate on implementing machine-specific, innovative features.

LASAL Machine Manager

Industry 4.0 is networked with adaptive production processes. To enable this flexibility in machine automatization as well, SIGMATEK relies on modular, decentral automatization solutions. Machine and system functions are divided into mechatronic units equipped with their own processing intelligence and are perfectly networked in a complete system. The Machine Manager from the engineering environment LASAL provides the necessary clarity. LASAL enables the clearly organized display of individual software projects in a machine or system and regulates the communication in multi-CPU applications, without having to program the communication paths yourself.     Maximum clarity of the software projects with multi-CPU applications Reduced effort with initial start-up and handling Flexible distribution of tasks Fast adaptation to requirement changes Data exchange with external system components and higher-level software


The LASAL MOTION software package is responsible for motion control and is seamlessly integrated into the programming and project development tool LASAL CLASS. Robotics, PLC and motion control are unified on one platform and as in the machine, also overlap in the software. Complex tasks for axis control and regulation can also be solved modularly and comfortably.     Axis motion without programming: simple input of data and commands Motion control is independent of the hardware used Extensive motion library Central management of drive parameters: exchange of hardware without software tool

LASAL SAFETYDesigner Safety

Using the LASAL SAFETYDesigner, you can quickly and comfortably program or configure your Safety applications. The graphic, clear representation and predefined function blocks reduce your effort considerably. With this tool seamlessly integrated into the engineering platform, you can easily create logic connections and configure the Safety I/Os. Troubleshooting and validation can also be comfortably performed.     Library with standard, as well as Safety function blocks (based on the PLCopen standard) Emergency Stop, Two Hand Control, Guard Locking, etc. Place function blocks and in/outputs via Drag & Drop The debugger enables the graphic display of all values and signal flows

LASAL SCREEN Visualization

Operating and monitoring are essential components of every automation task. With LASAL Screen, a comfortable tool for visualization design is provided.     Simple: knowledge of a programming language not required. Efficient: hardware-independent development of visualization Several standard graphic functions, integrated designs and large graphic library Export and import of project sections and graphics possible Visualize machine data in Windows


An extensive package of service tools rounds off the automation software LASAL. Modern server technologies ensure efficient remote control access for diagnostics, service and remote maintenance.     Web server with LRMView VNC client and server OPC UA client and server OPC server LASAL remote manager and server API USB boot stick LARS simulation and visualization tool

LASAL VISUDesigner Web

With current web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, complex visualization projects can be flexibly configured, as well as user-friendly with the LASAL VISUDesigner. The hardware-independent visualization solutions are perfectly displayed on various HMI sizes and screen ratios. The modern HMI tool is constructed like a modular toolkit system and supports multi-touch interactions.     Efficient: hardware-independent development of visualization without programming language knowledge High performance: fluid visualization thanks to optimized browser Comfortable: modern design themes and library of operating elements Open for everything: open source controls provide specialists with the freedom to individualize -  animation, videos and audio files can be easily integrated More about the LASAL VISUDesigner