Manufacturing the future of mechatronic components

Crouzet is an independent company manufacturing electromechanic and electronic components for demanding applications in Aerospace & Transportation, Energy, Building and Machinery Industry. ​ Crouzet provides Switches and Sensors, Electromechanical Actuators, Electrical Protection Equipments, Cockpit Controls, Automation Controllers and Relays, and Instrumentation Services.​

Product Overview

Automation & Control

Automation Controllers

Crouzet's Automation Controllers offer seamless integration and precise control for streamlined operations. From manufacturing plants to smart buildings, these advanced solutions optimize workflows and boost productivity. With a commitment to quality and reliability, Crouzet empowers businesses to achieve efficiency and innovation in automation.

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Crouzet's Counters provide accurate and reliable tracking of various processes in industrial and commercial applications. From production lines to facility management systems, these counters ensure precise monitoring and control. With easy integration and robust design, Crouzet's Counters offer efficiency and accuracy, making them essential tools for optimizing operations and enhancing productivity.

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Monitoring Relays

Crouzet's Monitoring Relays offer essential oversight for critical systems in industrial and commercial settings. Designed to detect anomalies and trigger appropriate responses, these relays ensure safety and efficiency. With advanced monitoring capabilities and user-friendly interfaces, Crouzet's Relays provide peace of mind by safeguarding equipment and processes against potential failures. Trusted for their reliability and accuracy, Crouzet's Monitoring Relays are indispensable components for maintaining operational integrity and minimizing downtime.

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Crouzet's Timers are indispensable tools for precision timing in a wide range of applications. From controlling equipment cycles in manufacturing to scheduling processes in building automation, these timers offer reliable performance and accuracy. With user-friendly interfaces and versatile programming options, Crouzet's Timers streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Trusted for their durability and precision, Crouzet's Timers are essential components for optimizing workflows and ensuring seamless operation across various industries.

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