We're in control.

ANYTECH (PTY) Ltd. has been a leading supplier of world class automation products to variety of customers in various industries throughout Southern Africa since 1999. Our current Chief Executive Officer Mr. Peter Erasmus established the company 20 years ago and is still actively involved in the managing of the company on a daily basis. ANYTECH is proud to be part of the Directech Group of companies established in 1993.

Our Passion

ANYTECH is primarily a distributor of high performance automation equipment and software products designed for the industrial automation market. We are ideally placed to offer our customers with cutting edge technologies from world leading manufacturers in the factory automation and process control industry.

Our Team

Our friendly sales staff is very customer minded and possesses exceptional product knowledge and understanding of the industry in general that enables us to provide our customers with the best solution to almost any application.

Product Training

ANYTECH boasts a well established training facility that provides comprehensive training on all ANYTECH products which enables the participant not only receive strong theoretical background but valuable practical experience in the use of the products.

Technical Support

We are dedicated to provide excellent customer service in all our departments, especially in our technical support department which provides quick response times and sound technical advice to ensure a speedy resolution to most technical queries.

Group of Companies

ANYTECH (PTY) Ltd is a member of the Directech Group Of Companies.