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The Future of 505
CTI designs and manufactures advanced control, communications and I/O products for process control.
Our 2500 Series® PLC system is a compatible replacement for the former Simatic® 505 PLC system, and includes state-of-the-art enhancements in functionality and performance.  Products in the family include controllers, power supplies, bases, remote base controllers, analog and digital I/O, ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus, DeviceNet networking modules and specialty I/O modules. CTI 2500 Series® products are installed in the plants of major industrial companies throughout the world.

General Product Brochure

2500 Series - Slice I/O
Intelligent remote I/O Solution.

The 2500 Series® Slice I/O System is designed for use in a broad range of applications, including those that require discrete and analog control. It is compatible the the 2500 Series® System, and offers modularity down to a single module, without the need for an  I/O base and RBC.  Slice I/O modules operate from 24VDC power and communicate with a remote 2500 Series® CPU using Ethernet to read/write directly to the PLC memory or I/O image table.  This allows transparent integration into the 2500 Series® system without the requirement for any complicated configuration step.  Ethernet connection to the CPU can be accomplished using the on-board port on 2500-Cxxx Processors, or using a 2572 / 2572-A Ethernet module.  Note that when using 2572 or 2572-A modules, Slice I/O can be connected even to legacy Siemens® and Texas Instruments PLCs.     

2500 Series - Slice I/O

  • Connection to CTI and legacy Siemens®/TI

CPUs over Ethernet using CAMP

  • Connection to DCS or other automation

controllers using Modbus-TCP

  • Several models with differing I/O capabilities to

customize the solution to your needs

  • Serial RS232/485 and 900MHz radio options for

additional communications flexibility (900MHz
wireless subject to import limitation, depending
on country)

  • Extensive intelligent features for processing

attached I/O signals:

  • Totalization, filtering, forcing, inversion,

runtime, and counting on digital inputs

  • Frequency out (with PWM) and

synchronization on digital outputs

  • Filtering, averaging, scaling and totalization

on analog inputs

  • Data logging and trending

  • All module configuration done using a simple

web browser interface

  • Wide –40°C to +70°C operating temperature


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