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Reliability Pefected with 2500C Compact

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For over 35 years TI 505, Siemens 505 and recently the CTI 2500 classic PLC/PAC system has been considered the real work-horse for various mines and industries throughout South Africa. Most of these systems are still in use after all these years and still provides ever-day reliability. CTI is a high performance control system that suits most industry with strong process control properties and features where one would need digital and analogue control.

The new 2500C-2572-B Fast Ethernet TCP/IP Adapter is a Compact version of the Classic 2572-B Fast Ethernet TCP/IP Ethernet 10Mb and 100Mb adapter. Through the TCP/IP protocol stations data can be acquired and used to update the PLC programs. The module automatically detects network speed, duplex mode and configures the port accordingly. Extensive diagnostic facilities via the standard web browser can also be utilized. As an added bonus the configured IP-Address is shown on the unit’s front panel display. With this addition to the compact system and the recent released Compact CPU completes the new exciting control range.

So, what does this mean for the Classic System?
Well for the existing Classic users the addition of compact range provides a cost-effective, space saving solution for extending the current control network, either centralized or de-centralized.   

What about new installations?

This is where the Compact System really offers value, as it combines the usability of a PLC and the performance and reliability of a PAC. Programming is simplified via the use of Ladder Logic and the control of time or event driven outputs is quick and easy to do with the Drum Sequencer function. PID Loops is another big advantage with the Compact System, as its able to handle up to 512 Loops or Analog Alarms. 8192 Digital or Analog I/O points provides flexibility in applications both BIG and small.

The future possibilities of the extended CTI control range is truly bright, and the Compact range is soon to become a real favorite for both new and existing users.
If you would like to know how the Compact system can benefits your production, please feel free to contact me for a live product demo.

Sakkie de Lange
CTI Product Manager
011 708 1992
082 602 9997

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